What (Almost) Every Writer Wants for Christmas

Christmas shopping for people you love is difficult. But if you’re shopping for another writer (or yourself), you may be able to use one or more of these ideas below. And unless they’re a collector, you probably don’t want to get them another coffee mug or T-shirt. Chances are they already have both.

Help Them Write Their Book

Writers have busy lives like everyone else. What they really need most of all is time to write their book. We’re not suggesting that you should write their book for them, but you can help by taking some of the daily chores of their hands.

Schedule a Cleaning Service

How many hours do you waste every week to vacuum, sweep, most, dust, and clean bathrooms? Probably way too many. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a cleaning service to get it done for you? Maybe they could do your laundry for you while they’re at it. Incidentally, this gift might appeal to anyone, not just a writer.

Buy a Meal Plan

There are many different services that will deliver meals right to your door. All you have to do is warm up the food and eat it. If you didn’t have to worry about cooking, you could free up a lot of time. When you don’t cook, you don’t have to do kitchen cleanup, either. Bonus.

Hire a Babysitter

Authors love their kids just as much as every other parent. But sometimes they wish they could have non-child time to get their book written. Babysitting services are appreciated by every parent, but if you give them to an author, they won’t take their partner out. They’ll work on their novel instead.

Novel Writing Software

Novel writing software is not a requirement to get a book written, but it’s definitely nice to have. Novelize now offers a lifetime subscription in addition to the monthly and annual plan, which is a wonderful gift for your author friend (or yourself).

Gag Gifts

Maybe you just want to spend a few bucks and get something you can wrap. That could be a new book to read, a book about writing, or a fun bookend. We like this one where it looks like the little person is about to get squished by the books.

Perfect Their Craft

Every author understands the importance of writing a high-quality book. Nobody is born to be a great author. Instead, you perfect the craft overtime. But there are shortcuts you can take to get better at what you do. This involves getting in touch with the right people and getting honest feedback of your work.

Consult with a Literary Agent

In addition to being a writer, you also want to sell your books. To help you figure out how to make yourself known as an author, it’s best to talk to an experienced literary agent. Many agents don’t just represent authors, but they offer consultations as well. You could pick their brain and ask any questions you can think of to help you succeed as an author. That’s a pretty awesome gift.

Professional Editing

Most writers know that editing is a requirement to produce a high-quality book. Editing can get expensive, and if you’re not making money off your writing, you may not be able to justify the cost. This makes professional editing a great Christmas gift for a writer who is serious about perfecting their craft.

Give Them Your Time

Writing a book is fun. Editing is a little less fun. The hardest part of being a writer is to get published. It starts with researching book agents and publishers and their submission preferences. If you want to do another writer a favor, you could do the work for them and compile that information for their genre. If they plan to self-publish, you could find 50 blogs for them where they could be featured as a blog writer or article review sites they could send their book, too. The options are endless, a writer’s time isn’t.